Jan. 4, 2018 - Dundee Wrestler Brandon Whitman

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DUNDEE, Mich. (WTVG) - If you ask some around Dundee High School, they will tell you Brandon Whitman just may be the most dominate athlete to pass through the school.

Those people have a very good reason for that opinion about the senior wrestler.

Whitman is a three-time individual state wrestling champion in Michigan and one prep wrestling website has Whitman ranked as the number one wrestler in the state regardless of weight class.

Where Whitman is today began about ten years ago in Dundee's youth wrestling program.

"So he's in there working as an eight-year-old kid - little guy - and he was asking me, 'Will you stay after and wrestle with me?'" Dundee head coach Tim Roberts said. "So you've got this little guy at that time with that time with that drive and work ethic."

Whitman's older brother was a wrestler and Whitman developed his own lofty goals as a younger wrestler.

"My goal has always been to be an Olympic champion," Whitman said. "That's just been the long term goal and everything before that is just getting to the next level."

Beginning next school year, Whitman will wrestle for the University of North Carolina. Minnesota, Michigan and Michigan State were also in the running for Whitman. It's no surprise the Spartans and Wolverines had interest since Dundee has either won or finished as the runner-up at the state wrestling meet in each of the last three seasons.

"He works with me everyday on my take downs, on my feet," Dundee wrestler Tylor Orrison said. "(He) makes me get better because he really pushes me. He doesn't ease up on anybody."

Whitman competes at 215 pounds and even challenged himself at the county wrestling meet by competing in the heavyweight division.

"That way I can get everyone better and we can work toward our team state goals," Whitman said. "So it's a big family type of thing."

The family hopes to not only win the state championship at Ford Field in March, but also send Whitman out as Michigan's 23rd four-time individual state champion.