Jan. 5, 2017 - Gibsonburg Forward Allie Teeple

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GIBSONBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - Thirty-four points by one player in a prep basketball game is certainly not common, but also not unusual.

How about 30 rebounds to go with a 34 point night. That's what Gibsonburg's Allie Teeple did recently against Danbury.

"I didn't even know until after the game when everybody was like, 'Allie, that was sweet, that was a really great game.'" Teeple said. "I was just on a roll. I wasn't keeping track. I just knew all those rebounds were mine."

The basketball records at Gibsonburg High School are not clear, but one could make an educated guess.

"I would have to think that a 30-30 night would have to be definitely a record," Gibsonburg head coach Heather Hall said. "Very proud of her and she was excited. The girls were very happy for her as well."

It is more than just a 30-30 night on the sheet for Teeple. No surprise - Teeple leads the Golden Bears in scoring and rebounds this season. She's also the steals leader and shoots nearly 58 percent from the field.

"She's very aggressive," Gibsonburg forward Abby Cantrell said. "She plays with a lot of confidence and she's always talking too so she's always in the game. Her head is always in the game."

After a successful night against Danbury, the bar is now set high for Teeple.

"Every time I go out there, I need to think every rebound is my rebound," Teeple said. "I need to have the same mentality that I had in that game."