January 9, 2020 - Findlay Forward Harry Hall

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FINDLAY, Ohio (WTVG) - It's a simple stick handling trick Harry Hall practices often.

Well, simple for Harry.

"I do it all the time out here," Hall said. "Just little things with the pucks. Getting on the ice a little bit early and then encouragement from my teammates. That always helps."

Ben Patey is in his first season as Findlay's head coach.

"His skill set is I'd say top 10 in the state," Patey said. "When he works hard and puts his effort in, he's one of the better players in the state."

In a recent game in Dayton, Hall flipped the puck onto the blade of his stick and quickly put the puck into the net. Timing is everything, but even more so with this scoring trick...

"The opportunity was there," Hall said. "I got a good pass from a teammate and just tucked it. To be on the ice with the guys was pretty cool."

Even the bench could not believe what they just saw on the ice in Dayton.

"Coach Somerville looked at me and ask me, 'Did he just pull that off?,'" Patey said. "And I'm like, 'Yeah, I think he did.' So it was kind of like one of those holy cow he pulled it off again."

The goal quickly caught the eye of producers for SportsCenter's Top 10 on ESPN, landing Hall at number three.

And yes, this television program still sticks with this generation.

"All of my teachers, they were playing it in class for me," Hall said. "On the smart boards when we popped up there."

The Trojans are a few games shy of five hundred and hope Hall and his team leading 12 goals and 17 assists help Findlay as the season moves along.

"Hopefully this will give him some confidence and play his game and use that skill set that he has," Hall said.