Loving still pursuing pro basketball opportunities in the United States

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Time continues to move here at St. John's Jesuit High School.

It's now five years since Marc Loving won the Ohio Mr. Basketball Award. Today, he is working with kids at his alma mater's basketball camp.

"Give 'em a little influence and guide them in the right direction obviously with sports and off the court," Loving said.

St. John's Jesuit assistant coach Mike Schoen leads the camp this week and was on staff with the Titans when Loving played for the school.

"The biggest thing that he touched on when he spoke to the kids yesterday was just putting in time and effort," Schoen said. "At the end of the camp, he talked about putting in time and effort into whatever you want to be good at. Obviously Marc is pretty talented at basketball, but one thing he did was put a lot of time and effort into his craft."

Loving isn't watching hoops from the sideline as he spent his first season out of college with the Delaware 87ers in NBA G-League.

"The learning experience that I gained from some of the guys that I was able to play with on the team like Emeka Okafor, Shannon Brown," Loving said. "These are veteran guys that have been in the NBA."

Now Loving is trying to latch on with an NBA Summer League team with the hopes of collecting a paycheck stateside.

"The ball never stops bouncing," Loving said. "You can play basketball all year. That's something I would like to do is play basketball all year round, stay in shape. But there's also a time where you have to work on your body, recover."

Loving adds he does have opportunities to play in an international professional league.

While time continues to move on here in the Titan Dome, Loving always has a reminder on his left shoulder of his home. The tattoo is something he designed and picked up during his freshman summer with the Buckeyes.

"Kind of want to get something that represented the city of Toledo, the state, my family," Loving said. "So I have Loving, Toledo, the Ohio State 'Block O.'"