MHSAA changes its football playoffs

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MONROE COUNTY, Mich. (WTVG) - Ohio has its computer points for high school football.

Michigan will now have something similar by using a playoff points formula rewarding teams for playing successful opponents.

"Already we've had two contacts with a potential game in 2020 in week two that I know wouldn't have happened if we hadn't had this adjustment with the playoffs," Whiteford head coach Jason Mensing said.

Thirty-two teams in each of the eight 11-player football classes in Michigan will qualify for the post season.

"This is a step in the right direction," St. Mary Catholic Central head coach Adam Kipf said. "The 'six wins and in,' people were kind of scheduling around trying to find the softest teams they could to get that six wins. Is it perfect? No. But we need to see it in action. 2020 will give us a much better idea of how good this system is or what it lacks."

An analysis by the Detroit Free Press of 2018 playoff teams shows had this new format been in place, Bedford would not make the state playoffs.

Summerfield is a team which did not make the 2018 playoffs. Using this new format, the Bulldogs would be a playoff team in 2018.

"A lot of folks feel like it didn't go far enough," Mensing said. "But after 15 years of working on this playoff proposal and making adjustments, this is a huge first right step."

The other big change starting this fall is the time teams in Michigan can hold in-season full collision practice. That time drops from 90 minutes to 30 minutes per week.

"Last year, we started the year with 24 and we ended with about 19 healthy bodies," Kipf said. "Injuries definitely take their toll and anything that we can do to prevent injuries or take them out of practice time would be beneficial especially to smaller schools."

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