March 1, 2018 - Rogers Wrestler Jon-Paul Pasker II

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - In just his second year wrestling, Rogers junior Jon-Paul Pasker II is a Toledo City League champion and a district qualifier.

The work to get here almost stopped Pasker.

"Waking up at 5:30 (a.m.) and six o'clock every morning to get on the bus to go to weigh-ins that start at seven and eight o'clock, it was real mental at a point in time," Pasker said. "When I overcame that hump, I was like i can do this and I just kicked it into another gear."

While Pasker's wrestling resume is short, he did have a solid base of fundamentals entering year number two.

"One of the big things I know is with his strength," Rogers head coach Brian DeJonghe said. "He's wrestling at the same within the same weight classes at the 106, 113 weight level as he did last year so he hasn't had that big movement up in having to change the way he wrestles weight classes."

Pasker says he must watch his work in the weight room along with the food he eats.

"It's a lot of running involved with it also so we run a lot," Pasker said. "That's what coach stress before practice. We run about about 45 minutes a day. We just run, run, run.

"It's not just to lose weight and stay at weight, it is to keep your body at a good pace."