March 5, 2020 - Northview Wrestler Conner Liber

Published: Mar. 8, 2020 at 7:26 PM EDT
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Northview's Conner Liber is in the 160 pound bracket for this weekend's OHSAA Division I Wrestling Tournament at Perrysburg High School.

This is otherwise known as one weekend away from the OHSAA State Tournament. So far this year, the junior has just one loss.

"This season it's gotta be probably listening to my coaches a lot more and tuning out a lot more outside noise," Liber said. "Listening to what my coaches are doing and realize the plan they have for me that if I follow it then a lot of good things will come. I think it has been working."

"We wrestle a lot in the off season," Northview head coach Keith Hartbarger said. " Kids wrestle in other places so they have a lot of other coaches. They wrestle with a lot of other kids from other schools. You just get that noise from the outside that says, 'Hey you should try this. You should do this.' When you're on the direct path to win the state title, sometimes you have to narrow that down to your strengths."

Others notice this path Liber is trying to take with the Wildcats wrestling program.

"He's unnatural," Northview wrestler Cole McKinley said. "So normally kids will go to practice and just leave. But normally he texts people, brings them in. He'll stay after 30 minutes. Works out after practice constantly. And most kids don't do that."