March 7, 2019 - St. Joseph Central Catholic Wrestler Noah Price

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FREMONT, Ohio (WTVG) - An undefeated record: 45-0.

St. Joseph Central Catholic senior Noah Price is just one of three heavyweight wrestlers across all three divisions in Ohio to reach Columbus with a zero int hat loss column.

"Our practices are not easy, by any means," Price said. "They have people come down and workout with me. They do everything in their power to make me better. So I owe a lot of it to my coaches."

Price is a heavyweight by title, but he certainty has a heavy weight he is carrying in 2019.

Back in January, his family found out that his youngest sibling Rowan - just three years old - has Leukemia.

"You said my opponents are the same size, his opponent you can't ... it's cancer," Price said. "That's bigger than all of us. You can't just beat it one on one. So when I go into it, how am I supposed to look at an opponent my same size physically you can touch that, you know what it is that you're dealing with.

"I have to win. There's no, 'What if he bests me?' cause if I know that he's going through something like that and I can't control something that is physically right there in front me what does that say about me? So I want to show him that you can do anything, you can beat anything no matter what."

The Crimson Streaks coaching staff sees Price as a leader for this small team.

"He's been there for his family," St. Joseph Central Catholic head coach Gabe Arreola said. "It just shows that there's always wrestling but in life obviously there's always bigger things than just wrestling and I think he's taken that. By preaching that, he's really caught on to that."

Now Noah eyes at least a top three finish after placing third last season at 220 pounds.