Sandusky NASCAR team has banner year with two championships

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SANDUSKY, Ohio (WTVG) - ThorSport Racing in Sandusky had quite the season in NASCAR's truck series. One driver won the regular season title and another won the overall series championship.

Grant Enfinger knows his way around Toledo Speedway. He also knows his way to a NASCAR Truck Series regular season championship.

Matt Crafton added his third series championship in 2019 and the latest title came without winning a single race all season.

"People always say that, you gotta be able to win a race to do it," Crafton said. "And you don't. You have to be smarter than them and that's what we did."

Tracy Hines is a former truck series driver and current Director of Operations for ThorSport Racing. Hines says calling it "crazy" to win the series title without winning a single race is one way to describe the season.

"Or at least doing what you need to do," Hines said. "So we were a really good team all year. The guys who were running up front, had multiple poles. The way the points was, it's kind of just like the old rules were before the playoffs.

"At the end of the day, who had the most points or advanced and had the most points when they needed to."

Crafton says his team peaked at the right time.

"We didn't have ... the last month and a half this (Menards) Ford F-150 was phenomenal. It was very, very fast."

There is no disputing Crafton is this year's champion -- just look at the banner on the wall in the Sandusky shop. Don't forget, this shop is about 500 miles away from the center of the NASCAR world in North Carolina.

"Honestly, during the race season we're closer to a lot of the race tracks.," Crafton said. "If you go to Eldora, to Michigan, to Pocono we're actually closer to a lot of those racetracks. Just having the resources. Yes, we have to travel a little further to get to some of the resources. The wind tunnel and the Ford Performance, that's all based out of Charlotte, North Carolina that area. We can build our own chassis here, we hang our own bodies on these trucks. We do every part of it besides just using those little bit of tools we don't have here."

There is an argument to be made about the most notable driver in the 88 when it comes to success.

"No at the end of the day, Dale (Earnhardt) Jr. copied me," Crafton said. "Because I know that I've been in the 88 a lot longer than Dale Jr. was. We can argue about that all day long. He came and copied me."

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