Delta's Mattin brothers wrestle for the Wolverines

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WTVG) - The wrestling Wolverines feature two brothers on the team this season from Delta High School - Drew and Cole Mattin.

Drew is a junior while Cole is a freshman.

Not much is different from living together in Fulton County to now Ann Arbor other than the duo are on their own without their parents under the same roof.

But one of the brothers fills that role.

"He's super messy," Cole Mattin said. "I make him clean his mess up but I'm definitely a lot more clean than he is so I clean a lot as well."

While Drew knows he leaves a mess, he does appreciate Cole's cooking abilities.

"I definitely get the benefit of the doubt," Drew Mattin said. "He's on the losing end of this. I do my part and clean and stuff. It's not super bad, he's just OCD."

Other than different classes in the morning, these guys are always together on campus. They each wrestling at 141 pounds, so that means everyday in practice they spar.

"I'll chime in, put a little gas on the fire," Wolverines head coach Sean Bormet said. "Especially with Cole being the younger brother and slightly heavier."

The two brothers combined for five individual state titles at Delta High School.

At Michigan, Cole is 10-6 this season while Drew is on a redshirt path this year for the Wolverines. But while Drew may not compete outside of this room for the maize and blue this winter, the Mattin brothers make each other better.

"He's been through two seasons of Big Ten (Conference) wrestling like right away," Cole Mattin said. "He didn't redshirt. I'm kind of doing the same thing right now wrestling right away. His perspective like on him wrestling as a freshman right away, he gives me advice and whenever I have questions he's been through it."

"We actually just had this conversation the other night," Drew Mattin said. "I really admire how he just goes out there and lets it fly regardless of who he's wrestling. Sometimes that's something I don't do. Sometimes I hold back on some bigger name guys."

"I know they have a deep sense of pride in their wrestling and where they come from - Delta - their family and the history of wrestling in their family," Bormet said. "They are centered with a lot of pride. Even when they compete against each other in the practice room, the other guys will make comments."

There is always work to do in the room but for now the Mattins are trying to enjoy the moment here in Ann Arbor.

"I don't want to sound arrogant, but this is where I expected to be," Cole Mattin said. "Now when I step back and think about, 'Wow, this is really cool to be in the position I am,' especially with a brother."