New Dragons women's basketball staff has its ties through Bowling Green State University

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TIFFIN, Ohio (WTVG) - The coaching lifestyle can certainly be cold.

One season, you have a job.

The air makes a change and you find yourself out in the cold.

Jessie Ivey did not have to wait long to put air in her whistle.

"Good! Good!," Ivey yells to her team during a recent practice. "Better! Move!"

Or even volume behind her words.

"Nothing hits the ground!" Ivey shouts. "Let's go!"

She is in her first season leading Tiffin University's women's basketball team. Ivey was an assistant with the Falcons until Bowling Green State University fired head coach Jennifer Roos and hired a new staff.

"I wanted to be a head coach," Ivey said. "That was my ultimate goal. I loved Division II. I think it is the best with work, life balance and it really rings true with the student comes before the athlete."

Ivey played basketball and later coached at the University of West Florida - a NCAA Division II institution.

There is some orange and brown buried somewhere in that closet with this new staff at Tiffin. Miriam Justinger - a four-year starter with the Falcons and an All-Ohioan at Northview High School - is Ivey's assistant coach.

Justinger and Ivey's paths at BGSU missed each other by one season.

"It was a connection right away," Justinger said.

Justinger spent the last two seasons as a graduate assistant with the women's basketball team at Seton Hill University.

"Annie, you're passing down to Mary," Justinger says as she instructs at practice. "After you pass, you're filling."

Justinger graduated from BGSU in 2016.

"The people I stayed in contact with at BG had nothing but great things to say about (Ivey), how she's going to do here at Tiffin," Justinger said. "As soon as she gave me a call, I was on board right away."

Even the coach in training comes from the Falcons.

Jason Hosinski is the team's graduate assistant.

"Chin! Check!" Hosinski shouts during practice. "Get those elbows out! Elbows out!"

Hosinski was the manager of the women's basketball team at BGSU. Like Justinger, he too graduate from Northview.

"Definitely got the S-Y-L roots in here," Hosinski said. "Miriam makes fun of a me a lot. She's kind of a prankster.

"When Coach Ivey got this job, she asked me to come along and really didn't hesitate and play hard to get. I was really happy she gave me an opportunity."

The Dragons have more losses than wins this season. Some of that is due to injuries to a handful of players on the roster. Now, the next job for this coaching trio is to get this team to ten wins. That is a mark Tiffin has not hit since the 2011 season.