New youth baseball & softball rules in Perrysburg

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PERRYSBURG (WTVG) - As we've reported, here in Ohio, all non-contact and limited-contact sports leagues can resume operations today, and that means some youth baseball and softball.

In Perrysburg, that restart comes with a lot of new rules for coaches, players and parents.

A\mong the rules...

Every day, prior to a practice or game, players and coaches must submit an electronic symptom assessment.

If it's not completed before arrival they'll be sent home.

Parents can't stand by the fields watching practice. If they want to watch, the PABSC (Perrysburg Amateur Baseball & Softball Commission ) says wait in the car.

Also, the bleachers at the fields will be an extension of the bench for the players...they're not for spectators this year.

We've attached the rest of the rules and you can get a look for yourself.