Nov. 29, 2018 - McComb Quarterback Tanner Schroeder

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McCOMB, Ohio (WTVG) - Back in August, McComb quickly needed a new quarterback after the team's starter had a setback with a season ending injury.

"It was a It was a lot of fun to play in though, physical game you know, close," Schroeder said. "You're engaged the entire time, big plays both sides of the ball. It's a lot of fun."

But to those that know the Panthers football team or even football in the Blanchard Valley Conference, this does not come as a surprise.

"What people saw Saturday is what he's been doing week in and week out," McComb head coach Kris Alge said. "His only hickup may have been the Pandora game where the team didn't play as well and we just didn't play very good. But for the most part, you see that on offense, you see that on defense. Kicking and punting. He's just the total team player. I think the kids love him. He's not one of those kids where they're jealous of him. Sometimes you get that in the locker room. But with this group they make fun of him 'Man you're always around the ball.' Or 'How do you do that.' Or Keegan will get on him and say 'Hey you need to fall down on it' after you punt it."

Insert Tanner. His 350 yards on offense and all four of the Panthers touchdowns in the state semifinals have McComb in Saturday's OHSAA DIvision VII State Championship.

The Panthers want more form Schroeder and the rest of the guys in black and red Saturday morning.

"We need to stay focused on our jobs," Schroeder said. "If everybody does their own job I think we'll be fine. And everybody just fly to the football."