Nov. 1, 2018 - Anthony Wayne Quarterback Max Denman

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WHITEHOUSE, Ohio (WTVG) - As Anthony Wayne resets its record from 10-0 to 0-0 for Friday's playoff opener against Valley Forge, one big reason for the team's success this season is senior quarterback Max Denman.

Denman completes 63 percent of his passes this year. Two weeks ago against Napoleon, Denman was nearly perfect with his passing as Denman found his receivers every time but one.

"Everybody was doing their job," Denman said. "The line was giving me a ton of time to throw and everybody was doing their job. Defense was getting us the ball back - not letting Napoleon score. So we just had a lot of momentum going forward."

Brungard is in his third season as the head football coach at Anthony Wayne High School.

"When you have the ability with a quarterback to sit and talk about what makes you comfortable or what are you seeing from the pocket that maybe I'm not seeing as a coach and he's able to help you dissect how you want to run things that's definitely a special relationship," Brungard said.

That relationship also extends to Anthony Wayne's quarterbacks coach Bruce Gradkowski. Over the summer, Bruce, connected Denman with a quarterback guru in Alabama.

"His leadership that he's helped me learn and reading the defense and all that stuff - I'd say those two are the most that I can carry into Friday," Denman said. "Leading the team is very important and knowing the overages that each defense is giving me is also important."

Lifting the ball, lifting weights (which Denman spent extra time doing during the basketball season) or lifting items around the team, Denman does it all for the Generals.

"When other kids see that he's willing to clean up or willing to carry or willing to do whatever needs to be done between drills or after a game, I think there's a lot more respect out of that than the play on the field," Brungard said.

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