Nov. 16, 2017 - Liberty-Benton Wide Receiver Will Poling

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FINDLAY, Ohio (WTVG) - Will Poling is in his first full year of playing football for Liberty-Benton High School.

It's not his first season in life playing the pigskin, but he had to sit out half of last season because of the transfer rules in the State of Ohio after transferring to Liberty-Benton.

Poling is a two-way guy at wide receiver and defensive back.

"Last week, second play of the game, he got a score for us on a sweep," Liberty-Benton head coach Tim Nichols said. "Then week one (of the playoffs), the first drive of the game he got behind Ada's secondary for a fifty-some yard touchdown."

Poling previously attended school at Hardin-Northern High School.

"I worked a lot on just running routes," Poling said. "Worked a lot with like the gun, catching balls and stuff because I wasn't used to playing wide receiver when I moved here."

The Eagles fly over to Frost-Kalnow Stadium in Tiffin Friday and they'll lean on Poling as the team's target.

"He's probably the most humble kid we have," Nichols said. "There's no arrogant side to him. There's no pompous side to him. He's just extremely humble and then he backs that up with he's one of our hardest workers.

"When you're humble and you work hard good things are going to happen."

Liberty-Benton finished 2016 with a 6-4 record.

"We feel like we're underdogs in every game," Poling said. "We've been working really hard. We take every game like it could be our last because we're all seniors."