Nov. 21, 2019 - St. Mary Catholic Central Fullback Alex Morgan

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MONROE, Mich. (WTVG) - Senior Alex Morgan found the end zone three different times in St. Mary Catholic Central MHSAA state quarterfinal game Saturday.

"I just wanted to make sure I had no regrets going into my senior season," Morgan said. "So I made sure I wasn't missing any liftings during the off-season or anything like that, making sure I was waking up at seven every morning to make it to our football on time.

"In previous years, I can remember where I said, 'Ok, I'll do it tomorrow,' or something like that."

To say the fullback was all over the field is an understatement. Morgan ran for 239 yards in a 29 point victory and he says much of that thanks goes to the offensive line.

"We had seniors this year step up," Morgan said. "We've had injuries, we had kids go down. Jamie Hawkins actually switched positions like week three or week four and he's excelled so well.

"So it's really next man up here and everyone has done so well and worked so hard to get where we're at."

SMCC head coach Adam Kipf is in his fifth season leading the Falcons.

"For the season, he's averaging 14.3 yards a carry," Kipf said. "He does a great job and those linemen pave the way for him up front every game, every play."

It has not been easy for Alex and his family recently.

"Going into my junior season, we lost my brother's girlfriend that I was really close to and I use that as motivation," Morgan said. "She was only 19 so I use that as my motivation knowing that she's looking down on me and playing for her. Before every game I'll kneel down and pray and just say that, 'God this is in your hands what happens tonight and I just want you to work through me on that football field.'

"And that's what I think going into every game. You can't control the outcome but God knows the outcome of every game."

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