Oct. 10, 2019 - Liberty Center Quarterback Camden Krugh

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LIBERTY CENTER, Ohio (WTVG) - Camden Krugh completed all but five of his 14 passes Friday and a few big plays equals 243 yards passing and three touchdowns against Archbold.

"Large part of my success you know is usually set up by the run game," Krugh said. "We've always had a really good run game."

Krugh is a junior quarterback for the Tigers.

"That's probably the most we've passed all season," Liberty Center head coach Casey Mohler said. "We hit some big plays that obviously helped the numbers. We just felt like we had some opportunities to throw the ball at certain times and we went with it and he delivered for us."

Krugh stepped in last season at quarterback after an injury sidelined his older brother.

"At the time, it really just showed me the speed of the game," Krugh said. "How everything is run. Helped me get some good experience with the playbook. Had some great guys to throw to last year. So it was just a really good learning step for me."

Jake Lubinski is a guard on Liberty Center's offensive line.

"There are some kinks that we have to work out every practice but he usually understands what he's gotta do and it helps run an offense smoothly," Lubinski said.

Krugh spent time with the team's receivers during the off-season to continue working on his game.

"His accuracy improved from last year to this year," Mohler said. "He's very accurate. But he's always been very poised playing out there. Doesn't seem to get too high or too low which has probably been his biggest strong suit."