Oct. 12, 2017 - Gibsonburg Golfer Sydney Leyerle

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GIBSONBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - Sydney Leyerle makes her debut this weekend at the OHSAA Division II Girls Golf State Championship on The Ohio State University Gray Course. This appearance comes in her freshman season and a nice piece to that first year resume.

Another piece to her freshman resume includes winning the Toledo Area Athletic Conference Golf Championship and receiving conference player of the year award in a field full of boys since the conference does not sponsor a girls golf championship.

Leyerle did play from the back tees in the TAAC Golf Championship.

"The beginning of the season I didn't know what to expect from the guys," Leyerle said. "I didn't know whether they'd be nice or they'd be unkind to me, but they were actually very friendly, very nice, very talkative. A good experience."

This is the first season for a full girls golf team at Gibsonburg High School.

"There hasn't been a ton of girls in the conference tournament, but nobody has shot as good like she shot 75 at Stone Ridge," Gibsonburg head golf coach Kirk Katafias said.

Playing from the longer tees means a change in club selection on the course.

"Longer irons like my five and six irons I use more while if I'm playing from the girls tees - the shorter tees," Leyerle said. "I use more wedges than I would from the men's tees."

The goal for Leyerle on the Gray Course this weekend is simple.

"I want to shoot both rounds somewhere in the seventies," Leyerle said. "I don't really care as a freshman. I don't really care about first place, winning the tournament. That'd be really nice and that'd be amazing buy my goal is just to play well."

Either way, Gibsonburg will later add Leyerle's picture to the school's wall of athletic state qualifiers.