Oct. 17, 2019 - Lakota Golfer Kyleigh Dull

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ELMORE, Ohio (WTVG) - Kyleigh Dull is now just the sixth girl in Ohio high school history to win two state golf titles.

The junior at Lakota High School shot 67 on the final day of the two-day championship, setting an OHSAA Division II State Tournament record for best score in a single round.

"I was definitely really motivated because last year I tied and I kind of wanted to have the title to myself a little bit," Dull said.

Putting is one reason Dull ran away from the field with a five-stroke victory. Dull uses a simple method she learned from George Rodawalt at Sugar Creek Golf Course when she first picked up the sticks.

"I taught her an inch scale," Rodawalt said. "Then I told her that you learn how to cut back on those scales depending on how fast the greens are. But if you know how fast a three foot putt is, you'll know how fast a six foot putt is."

Dull works with a human stride as being three feet when it comes to keeping measurements simple.

"I'll walk it from like my ball to my hole," Dull said. "I just kind of feel how the putt is with my feet. I can kind of feel if there's like a hill or anything in the putt. I just know the distance.

"So I can just put it into my hands like if I just feel it and I visualize it, it just makes it easier to putt it."

Dull spent the start of last school year in the hospital with a kidney infection and still later won the Sandusky Bay Conference and OHSAA Division II Girls Golf State Championship. One person that is there with Dull all the time is her dad Troy and they go everywhere together for golf.

But there was a time this summer when Troy wasn't there for Kyleigh because of complications from a cyst in his ear canal.

"It was definitely a lot different mentally and physically," Dull said. "I felt like I lost someone for a little bit of time. I was just doing my practice. Usually he tells me and coaches me what to do like when I'm just on the range and so that was really different."

Kyleigh's older sister Makayla won an individual state title for Lakota in 2013.

Now, Kyleigh Dull has the chance next fall to be the only girl to win three straight in Ohio high school history.

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