Oct. 18, 2018 - Otsego Setter Maddi Nell

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TONTOGANY, Ohio (WTVG) - When you are the setter on your volleyball team, you certainly need to lend a hand. An assist also helps too.

Otsego senior Maddi Nell now holds the school career assists mark.

"I knew that it could happen and this year I had a lot," Nell said. "(Head coach Cheryl Jones) told me after the game that I got it. I was honestly very surprised. I didn't think about it. It's all about winning, it's all about the team. It's not about myself."

"She has the best hands I've ever seen," Otsego middle blocker Brynne Limes said. "Best sets. I mean, everytime she's pushing me. 'Alright Brynne, transition. Get out there.' Her sets are always there.

"I know I can always count on her and her leadership is amazing. Just pushing everyone, making everyone better telling everybody what they can do better and pushing us to our limits."

Nell is all in on volleyball as she gave up playing hoops and softball a few years ago. But Jones says volleyball did not come easy for Nell.

Maddi was one of the slowest in the mile run her freshman year. Now, she is winning the volleyball mile.

"Her major cheer during all timeouts is 'compete!'," Jones said. "Because she wants to tell these girls, 'Love the heat. Compete. Compete. We're here to win. We're not an intramural program. We're here to put our best foot forward and show what we got.'"

"She's always on your back," Otsego middle hitter Ellie Roberts said. "You can always count on her. She's always telling you what you can do to do better. Leading you up just making you feel better about yourself."

Nell wants to continue playing volleyball is college and wants to continue exploring her options once the club volleyball season begins.

"I didn't really think about the stats or the two thousand assists or the record boards or anything," Nell said. "It was more for the team. We lost a lot last year and I knew I had to be the leader.

"I'm the only senior. I had to step up there's no one else. So it was just coming into the season knowing that I had to lead, knowing it was going to be a young team and I had to, there was a lot of learning. It was learning experience for everyone including myself."