Oct. 24, 2019 - Perrysburg Harrier Marc Baroncini

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MAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) - One spectator near the finish line of the Boys Division I District 2 Championship race Saturday in Findlay knew they were about to see something special.

"He's gonna get it," they yelled as Marc Baroncini neared the finish line.

Barancini - a harrier at Perrysburg High School - did not just break the Yelow Jackets Cross Country record, he crushed the old mark by 13 seconds.

"I just began trusting in my training," Baroncini said. "I just need to push in the race. I feel like I never had that confidence in other races."

Baroncini led from start to finish on the Owens Community College - Findlay Campus course.

"He got out quick and he looked good at the two mile," Perrysburg head coach Keith Madaras said. "I said to him I said, 'Marc, you're on pace, you gotta keep it going.' And he kind of nodded and lowered his head and started pumping his arms and at that point I thought, 'he's got a real chance.'"

Fifteen minutes 46 seconds is the new record and remember, this is a time mostly on grass - not the flat pavement of a road.

"I'm very aware that i'm going to be hurting and I know that I am going to have to push to get where I need to be," Baroncini said. "And if I don't do that, I'm not going to get a good time and it's just not going to happen if I don't have the mental, I don't know how you would say it the mental strength to do that."

While leading from start to finish, the junior ran the race solo with no other competitors pushing him on the course.

"That is a challenge when you're all by yourself," Madaras said. "If you don't have the mental strength and the mental focus to really get after it, it's easy to kind of let your pace start to wane as you get tired and he didn't do that. He pushed the whole way."

Not only does Baroncini now hold the best time in school history, he also has the fastest time by a Perrysburg junior (15:46.89) and sophomore (16:01.76). Baroncini also has the second best time run by a Jackets freshman (16:38.18).

"When we do our mile repeats and stuff, a lot of the guys are like, 'Ok, so we only have two to do,'" Perrysburg harrier Trevor Dunham said. "But Marc is always like, 'Coach, can I do more? Can I do more? What can I do to get myself faster?' It didn't really come as a surprise to a lot of guys."

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