Oct. 25, 2018 - Lakota Golfer Kyleigh Dull

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FREMONT, Ohio (WTVG) - Championships now run through a generation of the Dull family.

Kyleigh Dull from Lakota High School recently won the OHSAA Division II individual girls state golf championship as a sophomore. Her older sister Makayla won the title for Lakota in 2013.

"It's been a big goal of mine ever since I was little like watching my older sister play at state and I knew that I wanted to," Kyleigh Dull said.

Dull is a sophomore and made the state championship as a freshman.

"She really grew up a little bit in regards to physical strength," Lakota head coach Ty Ray said. "Just that year older, you could really see that she was ready to compete at the next level."

But two months ago, Kyleigh spent four days in the hospital with a sever kidney infection.

"It was very scary because it was severe," Dull said. "They also said If I wouldn't have gotten on antibiotics like a day later than I would have that I possible could have died they said because it was really severe at it was getting into my blood system."

Before ultimately heading to the emergency room to figure out what was going on inside, Dull teed it up in a Sandusky Bay Conference golf event so she could stay in the running as the River Division Golfer of the Year.

Yes, this award also includes the males in the conference.

If you miss more than two SBC events, you cannot receive the Golfer of the Year honor in your division.

"A lot during the season I was like, 'that would be a pretty cool story if I was really sick in the hospital and came back and won state like it would be a pretty neat experience,'" Dull said. "I just thought that in the back of my mind. I knew it was possible to come back and I did."