Oct. 3, 2019 - Woodmore Forward Claire Rothert

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ELMORE, Ohio (WTVG) - Claire Rothert is now the all-time leading goal scorer in Woodmore high School history.

Except the soccer forward had no idea she was close until about two weeks ago.

"I got the (record for goals in a single game) my sophomore year I think it was," Rothert said. "I just knew I wanted to go out of high school with a record and I tied that one so I actually wanted to get my own record. I think my dad told me so once my dad told me I just wanted to get it."

Rothert closes her high school career breaking the old mark of 76 goals and she continues to add to the number. While closing this final chapter of high school soccer, she is also playing for a first year head coach.

"She's honestly probably taught me a lot about goal scoring - I was a defender - so when it came to coaching scoring goals not really my thing," Woodmore head coach Lauren Colangelo said. "Aside from being really consistent with goal scoring, she is a great leader in goal scoring and able to kind of pass down what she knows to other girls which I think is awesome and she's not very selfish."

And staying unselfish indirectly helps in setting up Rothert in front of the goal.

"I rely on my teammates a lot," Rothert said. We do a lot of give and go passes and that helps me."

So far this season, Rothert has 20 goals.

"People - especially at this level - are especially dead set on 'I, I, I, I want to break the record,' and she wasn't too concerned with that," Colangelo said. "I think I knew she was close to the record before she did because it's not really something that was on her mind. She just wanted to do what was best for the team not herself."

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