Ohio's tennis clubs will reopen May 26

TOLEDO (WTVG) - With concern growing among tennis clubs across the state, they finally have an answer -- the clubs will be able to reopen May 26.

The concern grew because those who operate the clubs believe they can play safely, similar to golf, which has been happening in Ohio for weeks.

The sport is contested with a ball and both competitors touch it when they serve, how do they avoid spreading the virus?

"If you and I are playing each other, say you have Wilson 3 balls and I have Wilson 2 balls, I will only pick up the balls that I bring and you will only pickup the balls you bring," said Mark Faber, Director of Tennis at Twos Athletic Club.

Twos also has a six page plan to reopen safely, including every deal imaginable, down to how players will enter and exit the courts. Employees will wear masks and will be screened daily. The front door will be open on days the weather is nice. The goal is to shrink the opportunities for transmission as much as possible.