Papenfuss provides strength for the Falcons

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BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) - Walk into the weight room inside the Sebo Center on the campus of Bowling Green State University and you will find a former Falcon athlete leading current athletes through a strength training routine.

"Hang snatch, single leg box jump," Allison Papenfuss says as she directs today's workout rundown on a white board.

The BGSU men's basketball team calls Papenfuss "Pap" as she is in her first year as the strength and conditioning lead for the men's basketball team. Pap knows hoops well since she played on the women's team at BGSU where she made the NCAA Tournament twice while playing for Curt Miller.

"I'm able to actually point to things and be like I've been here," Papenfuss said. "I've been through the (Mid-American Conference), I understand what it takes but at the same time like I want you guys to do better than I ever did."

Antwon Lillard is in his final season playing for the Falcons.

"She do a good job at communicating with us about what happened with her and her team and why they were successful," Lillard said. "What they did on and off the court to be successful."

So how much weight do these guys need to push and pull off the court?

"I want you to be strong top to bottom," Papenfuss said. "The stronger you are the healthier we can be. I don't necessarily need you to squat max 500 pounds or anything like that.

"But I want you to be strong enough that you can go out and play your sport effectively. With basketball, it's keeping knees, ankles, shoulders all healthy."

Papenfuss says everyone on the team has done phenomenal work in the weight room.

"Daeqwon Plowder has probably been the one that he's put on weight, he's been really receptive," Papenfuss said. "The freshman, you can see them starting to really blossom from where they were in the summer to where they are now."

When we stopped by the weight room, Plowder was busy with Olympic lifts.

"When I first got here, I was around 180, 185," Plowder said. "Now like with Pap I've been gaining, I've been eating more, eating healthier and I've gained up about 205, 210. I would just say it's an overall thing for me."

Papenfuss is the first lead female strength and conditioning coach for the men's basketball team at BGSU. She says it is common to find woman at smaller universities in this role, but only a couple at big-time college basketball programs.

"It's been phenomenal," Papenfuss said. "Coach Huger and Robyn Fralick have both opened their arms to me to help me continue to grow and continue to be a better coach. I couldn't be happier to be back leading the basketball programs."