BGSU hockey equipment manager goes all in for Falcons

BOWLING GREEN (WTVG) - Scott Jess is not your typical equipment manager. He has been a member of the Bowling Green hockey program for 24 years, longer than anyone currently associated with the team.

Scott -- or Scooter, his nickname -- takes care of his normal responsibilities for the No. 11 Falcons. But he also goes above and beyond when it comes to motivation, not a typical trait among most equipment managers.

Scooter has a tradition which is clearly a hit among the players, the Diamond Cutter, a move inspired by professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. If the Falcons sweep a weekend series, he will jump off a cooler in the room, and the team loves it.

"I'm just happy for them," Jess said. "A lot of times, I probably go a little more than I probably should, but I'm just happy for the guys."

Bowling Green Head Coach Ty Eigner added, "Now with social media, there are a lot of people, they want us to sweep not because they want us to win, they want us to sweep because they want to see Scooter jump off the cooler."