Sept. 19, 2019 - Bowling Green Golfer Macy Hanus

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BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) - Macy Hanus continues to roll in the Northern Lakes League as she is now a three-time league golf champion, closing out the latest chapter this week as a senior with the Bobcats.

"Going in, I know what I am capable of doing," Hanus said. "I set my expectations pretty high and that's what I plan on doing every year when I come in."

Paige Bulkeley started the girls golf program at Bowling Green High School 14 years ago.

"(Macy) is quite a leader," Bulkeley said. "She is like my assistant coach and she has been for four years. We spend a lot of time together and I rely on her. She takes care of her teammates and helps them with their swing because she is so well versed in golf."

But a simple wrist injury in August 2018 nearly put an end to this streak before it could become a streak.

"I was actually down in South Carolina and I picked up a rake and my hand just snapped down," Hanus said. "I felt like it cramped up immediately and I played on it for a couple of days but the pain just got too bad to where I knew something was wrong."

Hanus missed about a month on the course with the wrist injury. She worked on her game indoors during the winter while also strengthening that wrist has this soon-to-be Rocket playing well.

"(In my ball flight) last year, I would hit a pretty big draw," Hanus said. "If I was off at all one day, it wouldn't be too good. Now I can fix my swing on my own."