Sept. 28, 2017 - Otsego Goalkeeper Hailey Asmus

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TONTOGANY, Ohio (WTVG) - Hailey Asmus has her name on Otsego's girls soccer record board when she set the marks for the most saves in a game and the most saves in a season last fall.

This year, she chases the record for the most saves in a career.

"I'm really able to help step up the team's morale," Asmus said. "A lot of times, we can get down on ourselves. But when I'm able to make that big save that often lifts their morale and they're able to keep on playing."

First year Otsego girls soccer head coach Laura Gantt appreciates what she has in goal since Asmus is a four year start for the Knights.

"Sometimes in practice you don't necessarily see how talented she is and then the game comes and it's constant up and down," Gantt said. "No matter how many shots get rattled off, how many points they get she's still up and with it and doesn't let it get to her."

Otsego has a young team this has a young team this season, so as a senior captain, Asmus sees herself as a coach on the field helping to direct traffic not only for this fall but with the hopes the team progresses over the next couple of seasons.

"We could lose every game and we could have the worst season ever and I could be terrible but as long as we're out there having fun and I'm able to be a part of it, that's all that matters," Asmus said.

Asmus wears the number one on her kit and she also has the chance to finish number one in her class next spring.