Sept. 5, 2019 - Otsego Golfer Olivia Jackson

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BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (WTVG) - Otsego High School senior Olivia Jackson is the two-time defending Northern Buckeye Conference Golfer of the Year.

Low scores are always helpful on the golf course, but her success comes down to one area.

"My parents have taught me you always respect the player, even if you are getting beat," Jackson said. "If you are getting blown out, you just have to respect them."

Nathan Loose is a decade into coaching the golf program at Otsego and Jackson is one main reason for the program's recent conference success.

"She's always bringing up rules, talking rules, helping kids with their swing," Loose said. "She's in many ways like an assistant to me with the younger players."

Maggie Lehsten is a fellow senior on the team and one of a the members of a solid golf group at Otsego.

"She started before junior high," Lehsten said. "Most girls don't pick up a club until high school. And that's one of the things that gets right out there shooting low scores as an underclassmen and she can just work up from there."

Now Jackson wants to make a run on the leader board in the post season, but she know she still has some work to do to get past the district stage.

"(My) short game is where I am leaving up strokes because if I miss a green, I definitely want to be able to make it up and down to make par," Jackson said. "My swing coach definitely looked at it we adjusted the chipping, we changed putting stances once or twice and we kind of just figured out what works best for me doesn't work best for everybody."