Tasca III carries his grandfather's legacy with Ford

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NORWALK, Ohio (WTVG) - Bob Tasca III carries the Ford name on his Funny Car this weekend at the Summit Racing Equipment Nationals. For Tasca and his family, the Blue Oval is more than just another sponsor's sticker on the car.

"There is a phrase my grandfather coined, 'Win on Sunday, sell on Monday," Tasca III said. "We've been selling Fords for over 70 years, my family has been involved with Ford Motor Company.

"When I'm not driving that race car, I'm back in the dealerships selling Fords and selling Motorcraft parts. So we have a long history. That's why we take so much pride representing Ford and the Ford fans out here."

Tasca III's Ford at Summit Motorsports Park is obviously a little different than what we would drive down the street, but his grandfather - Bob Tasca Sr. - still saw a market with his slogan.

"He looked at drag racing as a great platform to 'Win on Sunday and sell on Monday,'" Tasca III said. "When you look at the fans and the racers, these are the customers that we sell during the week. The racers that come out here and compete on the very same stage that we do - the sportsman racers - you know they buy our race parts, they buy our vehicles so my grandfather looked at NHRA as the perfect platform to leverage what we did back in the dealerships because that's what he did during the week is sell Ford parts and Ford cars. "

Parts of Tasca Sr.'s legacy are still on the track today.

"Back in the Sixties when they raced, he was also the creator of the Cobra Jet, which still races here today - The Cobra Jet Mustang," Tasca III said. "He has since passed, but he saw me earlier in my career and I know he's up above smiling about what we're doing right now."