Thousand square foot video board being installed at Huntington Center

BROOKINGS, S.D. (WTVG) - A new end wall video board and ribbon display, featuring 2.1 million pixels will soon improve the Huntington Center experience at events starting this summer.

The screen will be made and installed by Daktronics out of South Dakota, with media getting a sneak peak at the process Wednesday.

The new end wall video board will measure approximately 20 feet high by 50 feet wide. Additionally, a ribbon display will be installed along the seating fascia of the venue measuring over 2 feet high by 600 feet long.

"The improved video board display will provide a new and better experience for the Huntington Center fans,” said Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken. “Whether attending a sporting event or a concert, fans will love this spectacular new system. We are always seeking to improve our facility and strive to keep the Huntington Center at the front of the pack.”