Walleye set to play in Tulsa with a high risk of tornadoes

TULSA, Okla. (WTVG) - The Toledo Walleye are set to take the ice Wednesday night against the Tulsa Oilers in Game 7 of the ECHL Western Conference finals, with looming supercell thunderstorms rolling through the area that have the potential to generate tornadoes.

According to 13abc's Chief Meteorologist Jay Berschback, the area is at a high risk of tornadoes and very large hail. The tornadoes could be very powerful and long-last as well, possibly reaching EF5.

The Arkansas River running through the city is also at the moderate flood stage, at 21 feet. The river enters major flood stage at 22 feet, and Tulsa may get another inch of rain in the storm, with areas to the north with a possibility of three inches or more.

The game is set to begin at 8:05 p.m. eastern.

A broadcast crew from BCSN is also in Tulsa at this time, and has been told to take all of their belongings out of their hotel.

Several evacuation orders have been issued for nearby towns along the Arkansas River.