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About Us

Profile changes lives, one relationship at a time. We are the premier choice for healthy living. Profile provides nutrition, activity, and lifestyle coaching to help members lose weight and keep it off. Profile was developed by the physicians and researchers at Sanford Health, one of the largest nonprofit healthcare systems in the world, and is designed to take the guesswork out of healthy lifestyle change.

Profile began in 2011 when Sanford Health sought to create a weight loss program rooted in science and research. Profile’s first Clinic and Scientific Advisory Board came together to assemble all the pieces of a comprehensive program designed to set in the industry standard for how nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching is delivered. Less than a year later, Profile opened its first retail location. Today, our results-oriented approach continues to fuel our growth.

Profile by Sanford Toledo FAQ

How does the Profile program work?
Profile is a doctor-developed science-based program that uses 1-on-1 coaching and a personalized nutrition/activity/lifestyle plan to make weight loss simple, effective and long-lasting.

What makes you better than other weight loss programs?
We’re doctor-developed, no fads or gimmicks, based on proven science. This means 1-on-1 coaching; nutritious, portion-controlled meal plans based on DNA testing and more. Research shows our approach helps you lose 3x more weight than if you try alone.

How much does it cost?
You can join today for $149. That’s a one-time payment for a 1-year membership. A terrific value! Includes 1-on-1 coaching, personal nutrition/activity/lifestyle plan, 20% discount on Profile foods, and a wifi Smart Body Scale + phone app to keep you connected to your coach.

Can I join Profile if I have food allergies?
Yes! Many Profile foods don’t contain gluten, and we have nutrition plans for people who have a dairy, nut or other allergies. Because Profile was created by physicians and researchers it is particularly well suited for members with various medical considerations and dietary restrictions.

How much weight can I expect to lose?
That varies by individual. Some members lose 50+ pounds, others only need to drop 10 or 20. On average, our science-based approach helps you safely lose 1-3 pounds a week and keep it off. We Promise you will lose 15% of your body weight within a year if you attend 20 coaching sessions and follow your nutrition plan.