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About Us

TMACOG is a non-partisan regional planning partnership made up of voluntary members in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Together, TMACOG members work on transportation, water quality, and other economic development endeavors that affect quality of life for everyone in our region.

TMACOG's role in transportation is to help plan roadways, rail, bike and pedestrian accommodations, and transit that will move goods and people safely and efficiently throughout the region. TMACOG’s role in water quality planning is to help the region comply with governmental regulations for clean water. We plan ahead to protect and restore rivers and streams. We work with governments cooperating for safe water supply systems and wastewater treatment.

TMACOG members reach consensus on how to share responsibilities for safe and clean water and how to build and maintain a transportation system for our citizens and businesses.


Our Vision:
Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments will be the governmental partner of choice to coordinate regional assets,opportunities, and challenges.

Mission Statement:
To improve quality of life in the Region, TMACOG will:
-Promote a positive identity for the Region.
-Enhance awareness of the Region's assets and opportunities.
-Be an impartial broker of Regional disputes and challenges
-Provide stakeholders a voice in Regional decision-making.
-Support opportunities for Regional stakeholder networking.