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Heroin Steals the Future Campaign

Help with Heroin is a resource center that gives advice, support and information about treatment & where to seek assistance for heroin dependency.

Heroin abuse has grown to staggering proportions in NW Ohio, and while the general public is made aware of it through the media, no one can assess the true impact of the epidemic to the community.

Keith Walker, President of Walker Funeral Homes, launched a health alliance comprised of mental health and government agencies, local support groups, the media and local businesses for the “Heroin Steals the Future – There is Help” campaign in January 2016.

The collaboration reinforces the message that there is help for the addict, caregiver and local business seeking support agencies and information. This partnership now unveils one of the most comprehensive websites  – a resource center that gives advice, support and information about treatment, where to seek assistance and emergency measures.

I Want To Help MYSELF
Have you been struggling with heroin, and not know what to do in order to get better?

I Want To Help OTHERS
Do you have somebody that needs help with heroin, and not know how to help?

Wondering how you as a business person can cope with the narcotics problem?


"And I remember when I pushed on her chest I heard that last breath. And I spend my Sundays looking at a gray headstone in a patch of grass. I will be spending all my holidays there because she took that wrong turn."

- Trish, parent of a young addict who died, FBI Film Chasing the Dragon.

"Well, usually if I had stuff a day before, I would always save a bag for the morning times so when I wake up I could get well. I was using it to stay well, so I wasn’t sick. I’m just trying to, uh, you know, to be able to get up out of bed."

- Cory, Young heroin addict, FBI Film Chasing the Dragon

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