18-year-old poses as Senator, lectures class

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SYCAMORE (13abc Action News) -- The picture shows Izaha Akins smiling and shaking hands during a visit to Mohawk High School in December.

He convinced teachers, administrators, even law enforcement and a car dealership he had just been appointed to fill the seat of State Senator Dave Burke.

Turns out, that whole story was a lie.

"He basically decieved and conned some people," says Ken Ratliff, Superintendent of the Mohawk Local School District.

Ratliff explains Akins claimed Senator Burke had fallen ill and appointed him to his seat.

So, Akins, who's 18 and from Marion, borrowed a car from a local dealership, asked for an escort from the Wyandot County Sheriff's Office and toured Mohawk with his alleged aides.

Then, he spoke to a civics class.

One month later, the real senator showed up, as originally scheduled.

"Basically a month later, we say, 'Uh oh. Who was that?," explained Ratliff.

Officers say it was an impostor.

Akins is now facing felony charges of telecommunications fraud and impersonating a peace officer.

His reason? The superintendent says it was the sheer thrill of it.

Those at Mohawk Schools say as bizarre as this was, it was a learning experience and they're working to make sure it never happens again.

Some concerned parents certainly hope so.

"In this day and age with Sandy Hook, Columbine, San Bernadino, I don't think this kind of thing should happen," said Josh Ekleberry, who has a son in first grade.

The superintendent adds the fact that someone did gain access to students by lying is a safety concern and that the district is now adding extra scrutiny to every background check.