Accused blackmailer calls Todd Courser 'insane'

LAPEER (WJRT) - "Oh he's insane. He's just insane,” said Flushing political consultant David Forsmark.

That's what Forsmark says about his accuser, Republican representative Todd Courser.

Courser has named the man as being behind a blackmail plot. It's all part of a story we've been following all week that started as a political sex scandal.

It all started last Friday when the Detroit news reported Courser tried to hide an affair with fellow lawmaker Cindy Gamrat. He did so by sending a fake email around Lansing back in May, claiming he had sex with a male prostitute. Since then, he's admitted to the affair, but has brought another element into the scandal - blackmail.

"I was at the Trump rally and started getting IM messages from people that Todd Courser had named me as the mystery blackmailer. And I laughed out loud,” Forsmark said.

On Monday, Courser released a 27-minute long audio statement apologizing and saying he was blackmailed.

"The blackmailer is still operating, goading me, so I'm not sure how big the ring still is,” Courser said.

On Tuesday, he named Forsmark as one of the men behind the blackmail, along with some of his former staffers. Forsmark, who says he's only met the Lapeer representative once, says the accusation simply isn't true. He says he's not surprised, considering Courser's reputation.

"He does these 3,000 word emails and everyone's been laughing about them for years. But until recently, I just thought he was mildly amusing,” Forsmark said.

Courser has said he will not resign, even as the house business office investigates the matter. He wasn't home when we went to his Lapeer County home on Wednesday, but Courser's constituents are divided on where they stand.

"We all make mistakes. If he picks up where he left, and you know repents and does the right thing to do then, hey, we're all human,” said Mike Buhagiar, from Lapeer.

"I really think he should resign. I think that would be best for everybody, especially his family,” said Carol Cliff, from Lapeer.

Forsmark said he wants Courser to resign, but in the meantime is taking a light-hearted view of the situation.

"I guess I get to cross being a fever dream of an insane maniac off my bucket list,” Forsmark said.

Wednesday, Courser released nine text messages on his Facebook page that he says are from the blackmailer.

As for Gamrat, the Republican lawmaker Courser had the affair with, she has yet to make any public statements. However, the county Republican party where she serves has a resolution listed for their next meeting that will seek Gamrat's resignation.