Adrian PD: Woman could face charges after throwing drink on child with Down Syndrome

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ADRIAN, MI (13abc Action News) - Isaiah Ramos, 8, is a happy boy. He likes to watch videos on his tablet, being around his siblings, and eating tacos. But his most recent trip, for his favorite meal, was a terrible experience.

"He was quiet, he wasn't doing anything that I noticed," Isaiah's mother, Andrea Ramos said. "The lady turns around and was like 'can you stop?' He looked at her confused, he didn't know what he did."

Ramos says she still isn't sure what Isaiah did to upset the woman. But after exchanging a few works, she says the situation escalated.

"She had a cup in her hand and I watched her take the lid off and she chucked her drink at the back of my son's head," says Ramos. "I was like 'stop, he doesn't understand; he has Down Syndrome.' She looked at him and said, 'so, you're stupid, you're an idiot.' "

Ramos says she followed the woman outside and snapped a picture of her license plate and then called police.

"I came back in and I sat down and was just holding him, rocking him because he was crying," Ramos said.

Adrian Police tell 13abc they interviewed witnesses and identified the woman by her license plate. The case has been submitted to the city attorney to determine whether the woman will be charged with assault and battery.

"I didn't take him to a real nice restaurant; he didn't ruin their meal. They could have moved or they could have asked me to move him," Ramos said.

So far, Isaiah hasn't asked to go back. Ramos says she hopes this incident hasn't scarred him for life.

"I'm really hurt that a grown woman would treat an 8-year-old, even if he didn't have a disability, I'm really upset that anyone would do that to a child."