Blessings in Disguise helps woman through a tough time

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - Kathy Kosik is disabled and she's on a fixed income. She's been struggling financially and medically and that's why a local organization stepped in to help.

Kosik's medical condition forced her into retirement. The retired Toledo Public School teacher had below the knee amputation and she's endured a stroke.

She says, "All of my doctors said I should retire, for my health reasons so I ended up retiring at the age of 62, which I don't qualify for squat. "

Kathy's sister Tina reached out to Blessings in Disguise for help. It started off with a request for Kroger gift cards.

John Sayre is the founder and he says, "I said you know what i think there are more things that need to happen with you than me just giving you gift cards it only puts a band aid on a real root case."

Blessings in Disguise decided to pay Mobile Meals of Toledo to make sure Kathy has food to eat everyday for six months.

Sayre says, "It's so nice to know when I open up my refrigerator that there's something in there for me to eat...when you think of the logistics of getting it ."

Carolyn Fox is the Associate Executive Director of Mobile Meals of Toledo. She says, "When you think about logistics, getting a vehicle, getting to the grocery store...carrying your groceries, putting everything away, then making your food that is a lot for a person who has an issue medically."

Kathy was also having issues getting social security, so blessings in disguise connected her to a law firm to straighten it all out.

Sayer says its an honor to give back to this retired teacher. He says,
"being able to help her out and knowing we as an organization has made an impact in her life, and made it easier it was well worth it. "

You can help support Blessings in Disguise and its mission.
The organization is looking for sponsors for an upcoming Bowling for Blessings event on July 9th at Southwyck Lanes.

All the money raised goes to helping people in our community.

For more information visit the Blessings in Disguise website.