Building Better Schools: Team Tackle

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It's lunch time at Chase Stem Academy.
100 percent of the students who attend this school are on free and reduced lunch.
Many also are at risk. That's why Team TACKLE is in the school building.
Steph Wysong is one of two social workers that spend the day inside the school.
They connect one on one with students and address the issues they may be having, so that teachers can focus on their lesson plans.
Steph says, "Our goal 100 percent is to see them succeed. This job is a rewarding job as I can imagine, I want them to be at their best and If I can have a tiny part in that that's great but we couldn't do this without the teachers, the guidance counselors, principals it's a team effort."
The principal says this collaboration has been beneficial for two years now. Jack Hunter says, "It gives the individual students more attention and it also allows us to delve into what is causing that at risk behavior and we can get into the root of that."
The Team TACKLE program goes on all year round, even when school is out for the summer.
Wysong says it's a fulfilling job with many rewards. She says, "For me seeing a child that's struggled last year with behavior issues, grades, and having them run up to me and say Ms. Steph I got picked for student of the week, I got best behavior that to me is the most rewarding, its not me, they wanted to do it, they finally saw in themselves the ability to be awesome because they already are, I know it, were just helping them to see it you know. "
The RFS charitable foundation funds team tackle and its mission.
There are more than 40 team tackle members in school buildings across Toledo.