City press release on red light camera decision

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March 22, 2015

Contact: Stacy Weber

Ruling in favor of the City of Toledo

Today, Judge Mandros granted a temporary restraining order in favor of the City of Toledo. The court ruled in favor of the more restrictive portions of S.B. 342, allowing the use of red light cameras at intersections without an officer present. The Law department is reviewing the 19-page opinion in its entirety and will have a full statement tomorrow.

At the hearing on Friday, the Lt. Jeff Sulewski of the Police Department's Traffic Section testified in great detail about the decrease in the amount of speeding and traffic accidents at intersections since the inception of traffic cameras. In 2012, an additional 11 new cameras were installed, and reduced traffic violations at these locations alone by 70 percent. The downward trend in violations has continued at camera locations throughout the City of Toledo.

The City of Toledo uses red light and speed cameras for maintaining safety at intersections and in zones that have a history of accidents or high-speed traffic. Permitting the use of these traffic control cameras is a "force multiplier" that allows the City of Toledo to dedicate and direct it’s manpower to other areas relating in public safety concerns.

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