Corey Colbert family speaks out

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Toledo (13abc Action News) - He's the first murder victim of 2016. We're learning more about why someone shot and killed Corey Colbert Sr.

Tonight the victim's mother shares the tragic story. A gunman killed Colbert inside a Lagrange street after hours club on News Years.

He was her favorite son.

"He was adopted. I got him when he was 18 months old. I have six children all adopted five girls and one boy. Until he got about seven our eight years old he was my favorite son. Finally he looked at me and said mom don't try it . I'm your only son," said the Victim's mother Leslye Colbert.

A young man who loved motorcycles and family. 29-year old Corey Colbert Sr. is Toledo's first murder victim of 2016. He was working at Marted's lounge an after hours club. It's also the club house for the wolf pack motorcycle gang. Colbert's mother fought back tears.

"He was working at the door and had put somebody out of the motorcycle club. The young man came back because he was angry because Corey had put him out. When Corey opened the door he shot him. That's what his friends told me," said Ms. Colbert.

Detectives are working to verify the story. Someone shot the Toledo man multiple times. Investigators say afterwards there was a shoot out. There were multiple evidence markers in and outside of the club.
Lt. Joe Heffernan says Marted's is a private club with no liquor license.

"We are actively looking at considering this a nuisance location working with other entities in the city to maybe put an abatement on it and close it down," said Toledo Police Lt. Joe Heffernan.

Police have no suspects in the murder. The victim's mother is leaning on her faith, family and friends to get her through this difficult time.

"It needs to stop. There are too many people young that are leaving this world. I don't know if that young man was partying for the new year and woke up and said what did I do. He could have thought like that. I'm hoping he turns himself in. I just think if these young men would think about what they are doing before they do it it would mean something," said Colbert.

The family hopes the community will work with detetives to solve her son's murder.

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