Deer debate continues in Ottawa Hills

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OTTAWA HILLS (13abc Action News) - The debate continues on how to handle a large population of deer in Ottawa Hills.

The Wildlife Management Task Force invited a guest speaker to its meeting last night. The Clerk of Council from Granville-another Ohio village with a similiar problem-spoke about how it handled its deer overpopulation. Private bow hunters were used as part of that solution.

But using hunters in Ottawa Hills was met with some strong opposition. Some Ottawa Hills residents are opposed to any solution that involves killing any of the deer. Others think the problem is causing sanitary and safety issues and it's time to have a controlled hunt.

"Yes, the village turned down hunting in the village 5 years ago," Corey Hupp, from the Village Council said. "But that was 5 years ago. Where we're at now is a totally different situation. We have more complaints now than we ever have.

Hupp said Granville's use of private bow hunters has worked well for that village and should be looked at as a solution for Ottawa Hills. He said more residents can weigh in at the next town-hall style meeting. It's set for April 20th.

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