Elmwood student killed in car crash

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Bloom Township (13abc Action News) - Tragedy just miles from a high school. The Elmwood community is mourning the death of a senior student. 17-year old Derek Sheldon died in a car crash this morning.

"He was a great athlete but he was a much better person," said Elmwood basketball coach Ty Traxler.

Derek Sheldon was a senior at Elmwood high school. He was a well loved student athlete who played basketball and baseball.

"He was a great student . He was a kind human being. Everybody liked him. My two sons were ball boys and he's one of their favorite players. He had a knack for creating a bond with everyone. It's a life gone to soon," said Traxler.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office says the deadly accident in the 2400 block of Bloomdale road. They say the teen lost control of his vehicle, hit a ditch and struck a tree. The school superintendent says grief counselors were called in to talk to grieving students.

"Only think we requested today was the parents came and get their kids. We really don't want any kids driving home in the state that they were in. So if the parents wanted them please come pick them up. You can get your cars later," said Elmwood Superintendent Tony Borton.

Students made a huge sympathy card to send to Derek's family. The head coach of the basketball team says his players are taking Derek's death hard.

"We talked a lot to them about leaning on each other in times like this and this is what being a team is about. You never want to lose a brother that's what happened today and they are doing the best they can," said coach Traxler.

The superintendent says his staff was very professional today, but he's worried about them. Thursday after school they gathered to debrief and work through their emotions. This weekend is Elmwood's homecoming. The superintendent says the game will go on, but the school dance will be postponed.

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