Faith-based groups ban together to stop the hate

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HOLLAND (13abc Action News) - They came from different neighborhoods, different backgrounds and different denominations. But their message was the same.

"Just because a radical portion of this group of people are committing heinous acts does not mean that this is a broad representation of the Muslim community," one man said.

In just two days, a large group of local religious leaders pulled together to show support for the Muslim community.

"Our brother was down," said Pastor Cedrick Brock at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church. "Our brother was being persecuted for nothing."

Pastor Brock said Muslims have given so much and to generalize them isn't right.

"Me, being African American, I know what it is to be racially profiled and here they're being profiled for something that is unfair," Brock said.

Global terrorism has sparked fear in many people. But the men and women at Thursday's peace gathering said we can't let it win.

"Today we're standing here unified. Not just as clergy, not just as Muslims. But we're standing unified, as people," Brock said.

The gesture spoke volumes to the local Muslim community.

"It's very heartening and it's very encouraging," said S. Maseeh Rehmon, the president of the United Muslim Association of Toledo. "I think it raises our hopes."

They hope more people will join this movement to promote acceptance and love.