Investigation underway after 13 dead dogs found in Sandusky Co. creek

FREMONT (13abc Action News) - The Sandusky County Humane Society is looking into this brutal case of animal cruelty. It all started Saturday, when a farmer spotted something in a nearby creek.

Adam Herrera works with the Sandusky county humane society. He responded to the call that 13 puppies were found dead in a creek.

He says, "I actually counted four different times to make sure."

Adam described what he saw as disturbing:

"They're mostly submerged, a couple are totally submerged, on the floor of the creek bed."

He says it's unclear exactly how long the puppies were there before they were found, but the level of decay suggests over a week. And he says they were still fairly young.

He says, "The size of them, I would say at least a couple months old, maybe a month old."

Herrera has been working with a local veterinarian to determine the breed.

"We kind of think that they may be a Pitbull mix."

And it's not clear if the puppies were dead before they were dumped, but Herrera says that they could have been old enough to crawl out.

He says that "based on what they look like, they may have been able to try and swim out, so I would think that they were probably deceased before they hit the water."

Herrera says that there won't be an effort to remove the already-decaying remains. And he worries that someone dumped the litter because they didn't want them.

He says, "This is not the way to take care of this. Just bring them to the Humane Society. We can take care of it, we can take care of getting them homes. We get calls all the time from people wanting puppies."

Now, Herrera says that whoever is responsible will face charges.

"They will be facing at least 13 charges of animal cruelty, and possibly more, depending on what the investigation turns up."

If you have any information that could help with this investigation, you're asked to call Adam directly, at (567) 201-0554.