Handicapped military vet hospitalized after dog attack

Tonight a handicapped veteran is in the hospital after being attacked by a dog.

It happened last week on Stoneham near Bancroft and Holland Sylvania.

" I was yelling help as loud as I could," says Larry Wnorowski. Today he is lucky to be alive.

The Vietnam vet is paralyzed on his right side and relies on a wheelchair to get around. Tonight he is in the hospital after his neighbors dog attacked.

Wnorowski was making a quick trip to the store but he didn't even make it off his own property before the two dogs, who got loose from next door charged him.

"They bolted, jumped right onto the wheelchair and grabbed him by the stomach and dragged him about 10 yards into the yard," says Sandy Wnorowski, Larry's wife.

" I actually thought I was gonna die because nobody was coming."

According to a police report- two pit bull mix dogs left behind major damage. Some of the injuries too graphic to show you. Larry has bites on his stomach, arm, leg and fingers, leaving his only functioning hand in jeopardy.

"That's his joystick hand to be able to operate his wheelchair because his right side doesn't do anything," says Wnorowski's wife.

On the ground, unable to move, Wnorowski credits a nearby neighbor for stepping in. The neighbor pulled the dog off of him and someone else called emergency crews.

Wnorowski has been in the hospital for multiple days and is undergoing reconstructive surgery in his hand.

Tonight he is thanking the neighbor who saved his life. As for the dog, the owner surrendered the dog that allegedly provoked the attack to Lucas County Canine Care and Control.

After a 10-day quarantine, the dog will be euthanized pending appeal from the owner.

A police report, says a faulty gate latch was the reason the dogs got out of the owner's yard.