Hearing Impaired nurse gets thrown out of R.N. program at Terra State Community College

A federal judge has entered judgement against Terra State Community College. The case alleges that the College discriminated against a former nursing student who is hearing impaired. Shirley Parrott-Copus filed a lawsuit against Terra State claiming that the college discriminated against her and violated the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Parrott-Copus says the school refused to make reasonable accommodations when she requested them so she could complete her R.N. degree. Furthermore, Shirley Parrott-Copus says when she pursued the matter, the school dismissed her from the R.N. program.

Terra State Community College says it admits no liability in this case. But it settled to avoid unnecessary time and expense. The judgement orders the college to pay $75,000.00 to Parrot-Copus. The full response by Terra State is filed below.

Parrot-Copus has worked as an L.P.N. for 15 years and says her disability has never gotten in the way of her ability to take care of patients. It's just something she's learned to adapt to over time and feels she can do her job with reasonable accommodations. Yet, Parrot-Copus says she was repeatedly met with resistance from the school when she asked for things like "closed captioning" for the instructional videos she was required to watch for assignments. Parrot-Copus says she only pursued the case to prevent Terra State from doing this to future students, and hopes the legal challenge will accomplish that.