Human rights group now involved in Aaron Pope’s death

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - We are following the latest on a Toledo man's death while in police custody.

In a press conference Friday, Toledo's police chief said there was no foul play in Aaron Pope’s death, but a human rights group says it's getting involved.

The pope family plans on speaking out Monday and the founder and CEO of New Order National Human Rights Organization, Inc. will be alongside Pope’s mother when she speaks out.

Aaron Pope has a long criminal record and he's accused TPD of police brutality in the past.

Thursday night Pope was at a Fourth Street apartment celebrating his recent release from prison.

A relative called police when things got out of hand.

When police arrived they handcuffed Pope, put him in the police wagon and took him to the hospital.

The chief says his officers noticed pope was having trouble breathing. They believe he was using drugs and was hallucinating.

"He was extremely agitated and with the history of Mr. Pope and his drug use we knew we were going to have to take him to the hospital," said Chief George Kral during a press conference Friday. “He wasn't in a distressed state to the point where they felt he needed an ambulance at that stage."

Pope died at the hospital, but now the New Order National Human Rights Organization out of Georgia will speak out on Monday with the Pope family. They feel Toledo Police should have called an ambulance.

"The family feels that the police should have called the ambulance first and we don't know what happened in that wagon,” said Gerald Rose, CEO of NONHRO. “Just the fact that we want to make sure that this don't get swept under the rug and there's a thorough, thorough investigation involving Aaron Pope"

The Pope family is expected to make a statement Monday morning.

Pope’s autopsy is also scheduled to be conducted Monday as well.