Local battery company adds dozens of jobs

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FREMONT, Ohio (AP) - A Fremont business is expanding its product line and adding jobs.
Crown Battery builds batteries that are used in everything from cars and trucks to heavy duty railroad and mining equipment.

Crown has been building batteries that are sold all over the globe for 90 years. Since 2007 the company has doubled its workforce and dozens of new jobs have been added in recent months to a new production line. The new line is making batteries that are more recyclable than an aluminum can.

Crown builds hundreds of different batteries on 7 different production lines.The newest product is a sealed lead acid battery. It's a product the company used to buy in China. John Connell is a Vice President at Crown,"We're proud to be adding jobs at a time when many manufacturers, especially battery producers, are looking to take jobs out of the United States."

So far, the new line has created 25 jobs and Connell says more work could be on the way, "Those new jobs are for one shift of production. We run three shifts so our planning would indicate in about a year's time, we'll be we'll be hiring more for that production line."

Now back to the environmental impact of the batteries. They are almost fully recyclable, "Batteries are the most recycled consumer item in North America. With a recyclable rate of 99% , that is even higher than the recyclable rate for aluminum cans which is about 97%."

Crown Batteries are found in 55 different countries on 6 continents.
Mike Fraley is the Director of Engineering. He started on the lines abut 20 years ago,"Renewable energy is the largest single growth area for us, energy storage."

Fraley says while Crown batteries are powering things like cars, golf carts, fork lifts and heavy equipment, they also bring power to people who have no access to an electrical grid,"The batteries are storing energy from solar panels and powering villages in places like Afghanistan. Our footprint with that kind of work is not just in far away places, we also have batteries that are being used to power a Navajo reservation in Arizona. All this is being done by products built right here in Fremont." Crown, helping power the world and the Northwest Ohio economy.